3 Extreme MotorSports You MUST see

Motorsports are any sport that involves a motorised vehicle. The motorised factor makes these sports much more exciting. By adding motor and torque to the equation the stakes become much higher. This is what makes motorsports a fan favourite. In this article, I am going to talk about 3 extreme motorsports you must see.

Air Shows

Air shows are events in which pilots take to the sky to do tricks in planes. This is extremely difficult and dangerous as sometimes the planes will be extremely close to each outer. While this is super exhilarating, it can be fatal if the timing is off as there have unfortunately been many fatalities in this motorsports. Everything from failed tricks to head on collisions have happened in the past. The best pilots can leave you in awe. This is not for beginners. Most air show pilots have been flying for over a decade before attempting aerobatic maneuvers.


Dune Buggy Racing

This is the act of getting into a motorised go-kart looking device and riding on off-road terrain like sand. This can be a lot of fun but it is a super bumpy ride so anyone interested needs to make sure to be properly strapped in before engaging. This is a super fun sport but the shock from repeatedly hitting the ground can cause damage to the body over time. This is best left to the younger riders who can take more abuse and not feel the affects the next morning.

Dirt Biking

Dirt biking or dirt bike racing is truly exhilarating. Riders line up and race around a track full of off-road terrain. The courses usually include large jumps in which the contestants take advantage and start doing tricks. These tricks require much practice and skill. The most important part of the tricks is the landing. This is because if you land improperly you can break a bone. Riders have attempted moves that appear to defy gravity. But it should be noted that all these riders are super experienced.